HKS Russell is a business | accounting | consulting firm, where we believe in assisting organisations and business owners from within. We connect with our clients on a day-to-day basis to ensure that they CREATE | ACHIEVE | SUCCEED!

Our Services:

  • Audit and assurance
  • Preparation of monthly and annual reports in accordance with relevant accounting standards [AASB and IASB]
  • Budgeting and cash flow forecast
  • Cash flow management
  • Grant acquisition
  • Compliance [audits, acquisitions, annual prudential compliance statement, financial statements, BAS, IAS, payroll tax, ORIC]
  • Policies and procedures [development and implementation]
  • Information technology
  • Business and strategic plans for growth
  • Training and support

Be audit ready!

Be 100% audit ready with your books and records.

HKS Russell assists with year end audit compliance and performs a “mini audit” before the external auditors arrive…so you know that you’re 100% ready for them, keeping your auditors happy!

All systems go

Make your systems behave. Improve your day-to-day tasks and eliminate inefficiencies.

We help you understand what processes should be implemented. We help you get the answers you need to run your organisation seamlessly…we make your systems behave so that you can get on with running your organisation.

Connected advisor

IdeasAs a connected advisor, we offer more than just compliance advice.

We liaise with our clients on a regular basis to see how business is going. We spend time with our clients reviewing monthly, quarterly, biannually and annual results. We provide organisations and equip them with the financial knowledge and data to make informed and timely decisions that help them run their business better.

Strategic plannersPlanner

If you fail to plan you plan to fail!

Here at HKS Russell, we understand that this process can easily be overlooked by organisations. We get that it can be difficult to pull the resources required to put a strategic plan in place for your organisation.

If you have a project or goal that needs to be planned, managed and executed then you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you how strategic planning can help your business.

Reports, reports and more reports

Reporting to your funding bodies, your external stakeholders, your external auditor and even your bank can be a daunting task if you’re unfamiliar with what exactly is required.

HKS Russell can assist with your reporting requirements from preparing general purpose financial reports to grant acquittal statements to cash flow budgets to board of directors reports. Take out the guess work in your reporting requirements.

Be compliant!Compliance

Being compliant is a MUST!

Manage your compliance requirements by using HKS Russell’s processes and checklists. Get a clear picture and timeline of when, where and what your compliance requirements are. We show you how you can easily and seamlessly meet your obligations with your funding bodies. Never miss a reporting deadline again!

Compliance begins with HKS Russell…

We ensure that organisations and corporations are compliant and remain compliant. How? By putting in place the right systems and procedures, backed by a team of qualified accountants and professionals.

Being clear and open with our clients is important to us here at HKS Russell. We stay connected and collaborate with all stakeholders [such as government bodies, external auditors, etc] to ensure that our Clients are fully aware of their compliance needs.